Rob Lowe Is Making A Sitcom Revolving Around His Character & His Attempts To Be A Good Dad!

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 1:10am by LatestGossip

We’ll watch this!

Rob Lowe is attached to a new sitcom for NBC that seems like it’s going to be a rollicking good time!

The Parks & Recreation and The West Wing star previously made a pilot called The Pro with the creators of this new sitcom – Pete Huyck and Alex Gregory – and the three enjoyed working with each other so much that they decided to do it again!

The show features Rob as a father who hasn’t really taken responsibility for his teenage kids, but suddenly decides to change his life and become a good dad!

Here is a description of the show:

"The comedy centers on a worldly, adventurous, and newly sober narcissist — a role written for Lowe — whose decision to become a devoted father happens when his son and daughter are already teenagers. He’s back in his hometown making amends to his kids, his ex-wife, her second ex-husband and their younger son, all of whom have mixed feelings about his newfound parental enthusiasm."

Sounds like something we’d definitely watch!

Especially if Rob Lowe is involved! We LOVE him!

That dude keeps it real!

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Real funny!!!

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