Kim Kardashian Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, Reveals Ideal Number of Kids

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 1:10am by Yosh Kan

Kim Kardashian (left) and Ellen DeGeneres, before

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

By Tim Nudd

09/09/2014 AT 11:00 AM EDT

Well, now the reality star has a new reason for not having offspring running into the seven digits – it turns out taking care of more than one is hard!

"I just went to San Diego and to give my pregnant sister [Kourtney] a break," Kim, 33, says in an appearance Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I took care of my niece, nephew and my daughter. To bathe them, all three, feed them, get them in the pajamas and down for bed, I was literally like crying. It was so hard."

Kim Kardashian (left) and Ellen DeGeneres, after

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

So, how many total, when all is said and done? "I don’t think six," she says. "Three … maybe four. I go back and forth."

Kardashian also used her visit to the show to finally do the Ice Bucket Challenge. And yes, she took a selfie while getting dunked – though it has yet to show up on Instagram.

Check out that video below.