Jennifer Lawrence Is Oozing So Much Sex Appeal In This Outfit, You’ll Barely Recognize Her

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 1:10am by style

We all know Jennifer Lawrence is a champion celebrity. She’s funny, likable, cute, and a great dresser, not to mention great at dealing with being the target of insane Internet crimes, so it’s not surprise when she dresses up elegantly for red carpets. It’s a little more unexpected, however, when she gets all sexed up the way she did Wednesday night while on her way to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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Rather than her typical sweet street style or stunning red carpet gowns, J Law instead went with a stunning hot red (and red hot, hyuck hyuck) dress from the Spring 2015 collection by Antonio Berardi. It is form-fitting, knit, low-cut, and just about everything a sitcom father would freak out about his sitcom daughter wearing to the Big Dance.

I’m positively loving her hair and makeup here, as well. That wavy, carefree bob is pretty much how we all dream of our own bob cuts looking as adults–sexy, shiny, fun, and not like a bushy bale of frumpy hay. And that lipstick? The only appropriate response comes in the form of this Chris Tucker GIF:

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Instead of looking like the young, bubbly icon for teens (and let’s be honest, us adults, too) that she is, Jennifer changed up her style all together, proving that she really can wear anything and do so wonderfully.

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