Ginnifer Goodwin Is Such A Bad Driver That She Got Breathalyzed Sober

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 12:13pm by Susan Lee

Maybe people have called you a bad driver in the past, but you can take solace in the fact that you’ll never be as bad as  Ginnifer Goodwin, star of ABC’s  Once Upon A Time. She’s such a bad driver (how bad is she?) that she got Breathalyzed by the police when she wasn’t even behind the wheel. She’s such a bad driver (how bad is she??) that the cops thought she’d have to be drunk because of how she’d  parked her car at a meter. She’s such a bad driver (how bad IS she??) that it turns out she was stone-cold sober.

…okay girl, that’s a little embarrassing. Not the driving-while-sober part. That part is super admirable, and all the Lohanses and Byneses among us should learn a lesson or two from Ginnifer. But the parking thing is super embarrassing. No one should ever look at your stationary vehicle and be like, “That bitch needs to tone it down on the margaritas.” And parking is easy! You have so many opportunities to get it right!

We found out about Ginnifer’s misadventures in Breathalyzing when she stopped by Whitney Cummings‘ show  Love You, Mean It  to talk about filming in Canada. The two of them are apparently biffles in real life, and Whitney had some a recommendation for the next time Ginnifer has a run-in with the law, saying, ”If I were you I would just be like, ‘I’m Snow White, bitch!’”

Which is a nice sentiment, and really catchy for official ABC t-shirts, but if you really were Snow White, this wouldn’t have happened because the dwarves would never let you drive on your own. You wouldn’t even have to be good at parking because they’d just cruise you around in their mining carts all the time. Sigh. That’s the life.

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