Am I The Only One Who Likes Zoe Saldana’s Circus-y Balmain Ensemble?

Posted on May 1 2013 - 8:11am by style

Everyone, including us, loved the grey, crop top-centric, Calvin Klein ensemble that Zoe Saldana wore to the Star Trek Into Darkness photocall in Berlin this past Sunday. But last night, at the Berlin premiere, she wore something a little more…divisive.

While Zoe’s crop top outfit combined a wacky trend with a conservative cut and color, her more recent Balmain outfit combined lively textures and hues with a conservative cut, at least on top.

For once, pretty much everyone at The Gloss is in agreement: this outfit is great. Ashley likes it, despite usually hating Balmain, because it is weird, and weirdness excuses a lot. Intern Joanna thinks she looks “like a sexy Fabergé egg,” and she is also right. Personally,  I think the fish scale pattern on the top is strange and beautiful, as is the draping of the tulip skirt, which serves the double purpose of flattering her butt and creating interesting lines:

The shoes are good, too. And the black leather panel in back. She looks like an exceptionally pretty underwater circus ringleader from the retro-future.

And yet, over at Styleite, they write, “Even Zoe Saldana can’t make this Balmain outfit work.” Other blogs, seemingly afraid to take a strong “pro” stance, write, variously, “ eyegasm or eyesore?” “ love it or hate it?” and “ fly or fail?” Whatever, philistines! I am going to give my readers a little more credit than that by revising the question to “Zoe Saldana in Balmain: love it or LURVE it?”

Photos: WENN