4 Life Lessons From Clueless

Posted on Jul 23 2015 - 8:00am by Laura Morrison


This week 20 years ago, Clueless made its debut in theaters. The story capitalizes on the plot about realizing you have a lot of growing up to do, even when you’re the most composed girl in school. Despite its outward appearance, Clueless still has a lot of things teens can relate to. So here’s to you Cher Horowitz and the lessons you have taught with these 4 quotes.

1. She’s My Friend Because We Both Know What It’s like to Have People Be Jealous of Us.

Friends are friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re exactly alike, total opposites, or somewhere in-between; friends understand where you’re coming from, and understand what you’re going through.

2. You Divorce Wives, Not Children.

It’s surprising how many people are willing to just walk away when a divorce occurs. However, it’s not always so easy for the innocents involved, and just as Cher’s dad states, family can (and does) outlast divorce.

3. Well, Some Teachers Are Trying to Low-ball Me, Daddy. And I Know How You Say, “Never Accept a First Offer”, so I Figure These Grades Are Just a Jumping off Point to Start Negotiations.

Unfortunately, you typically cannot change your grades. However, if you don’t like how something turns out, you can work on fixing it.

4. It Is One Thing to Spark up a Doobie and Get Laced at Parties, but It Is Quite Another to Be Fried All Day.

Although this quote may seem like just another random statement, it does prove a point. It doesn’t matter who you are, there are limits to what you can and cannot do (even when you’re a teenager).